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Andrea’s carries everything you need to make your landscape come to life.  In our perennial department, you can choose from a full line of perennials ranging from full sun to shade favorites, butterfly attractants, deer resistant varieties, great groundcovers and beautiful long bloomers.

Garden Compost - Formulated from straw, manure, and yard waste. Rich, dark, organic material works great in improving heavy clay soils.
Natural Hardwood Mulch - Excellent choice to spread in large planting areas and around established trees and shrubs. Well suited for highly erodible areas due to its coarse grind with larger and chunky pieces that vary from 3/4” to 3”
Sof-Step® - Wood product designed for playground surfacing, jogging trails, dog runs, & animal bedding. This product has been tested and meets ASTM and ADA standards.
Black Dyed Mulch - These products are made from wood materials and dyed to maintain long term color.
Color Enhanced Bark - Greendell brand color enhanced Hardwood bark mulch is dyed to prolong it’s dark chocolate color.
Forrest Fines® Mulch* - Fine textured hardwood bark. Many uses ranging from amending soils to mulching around smaller plants. A finer grind of 1.5” and under allows it to break down quickly and add beneficial organic matter to soils.
Midi® Mulch* - Hardwood bark with a uniform texture. Rich, dark brown color. Particle size will range from 2.5” and under.

*Hardwood® and Forrest Fines® mulches are also available in 2 C.F. bags.